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Swimming Joy

“Project Swimming Joy” is supported by Sparebanken Vest – Voss.

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Project Swimming Joy

“Project Swimming Joy” is supported by Sparebanken Vest – Voss. The project aims to contribute to swimming skills and increased public health, especially as a measure to help achieve the competency goals for 4th grade in the primary school in Voss Municipality.

The goals in the curriculum for physical education state the following:

Be able to swim by falling into deep water, swim 100 meters on the stomach, and along the way dive down and retrieve an object with the hands, stop and rest for 3 minutes (while floating on the stomach, orienting oneself, rolling over, floating on the back), then swim 100 meters on the back and get up onto land.


  • Free half-year pass for 3rd graders in Voss Municipality (6 months from the card is collected)*
  • 20% discount on clip cards (12 clips) for parents/siblings applies every day, until it is empty. Must be purchased at the same time as the free half-year pass is redeemed.

* For chip wristbands for value cards and annual passes, we take a 100,- deposit. Upon return of a clean and undamaged wristband, you will be refunded the deposit.

No refunds for purchased tickets.

Important information (terms and deadline):

  • Passport/birth certificate must be presented when collecting the card.
  • The deadline to collect the free half-year pass is January 31, 2024. The card must be collected in the period from December 1 to January 31 and is valid for 6 months from the day it is collected.
  • Everyone must follow our swimming rules. Note especially the number of swimming adults that must be present in the pool if the children are under 12 years old. A swimming-capable adult (over 18 years) can have a maximum of 3 children under 12 years old (or 3 others who are not swimming-capable) with them. If the children are under 12 years old, the swimming-capable adult must at all times be together with and have collective control of those they are with, and swim together with them.

Preparation for the “Wet Card Test”:

Our swimming rules state that you must be 12 years old to swim alone in Vossabadet. However, we have made an arrangement for those who are younger, so that they can have the opportunity to swim alone if they pass a test. It is possible to take the test the year the child turns 10 years old. The test can be taken during our entire opening hours under the supervision of a pool host (subject to capacity). Those who pass are issued a “wet card”. This must be shown every time they come to swim without adults.

To pass the test, one must jump into the deep part of the 25m pool, swim 50 meters continuously, dive and retrieve a ring from the deep part, and get up onto the pool edge. Not unlike the competency goals for 4th grade.

Parents must sign a form giving the child permission to take the wet card test. The form can be found here.
It costs 50kr to take the test.

With the free half-year pass for 3rd graders, we give the children the opportunity to prepare for taking the Wet Card test with us at Vossabadet.