Vossabadet has something for everyone.

to svømmende strekpersoner

25m swimming pool

We are proud to have a 25m swimming pool that meets competition standards at Voss. The pool can be divided into 6 lanes.

The start blocks on the short-side of the pool is equipped with technology for time-taking and competitions.

We have a lift for those in need of personal assistance and the disabled, for access to the swimming pool.

You are always welcome to take a swim in Vossabadet during opening hours. There will be at least 2 lanes in the 25m pool dedicated to our guests, even if other activities are going on.

Please note: Not all swimmers swim equally well and fast. We have dedicated lanes for fast-exercise swimming and slow-exercise swimming, as well as a dedicated area for recreational swimming. To ensure a good experience and a proper flow in the swimming lanes, we ask you to respect the signs and dedicated lanes.

In the swimming lanes we practice right-hand swimming. Keep to the right in the lane, and you will avoid collisions.


The temperature in the 25m pool will be a steady 28 degrees celsius.


The depth will gradually go from 1 meter (in the south) to 1,6 meters (in the north). 1,6 meters is not deep, so please be careful if you dive from the start blocks.


Training pool/therapy pool

With it’s comfortable 33°C , it is not strange that our training pool is the most popular pool in our swimming hall. It is often used by schools, kindergarden and for swim trainings. In addition it is a good swimming pool for seniors and the youngest. This pool has its own elevator for people in wheelchairs.


The pool is constantly at 33 degrees. For children, the disabled and seniors this pool works very well to spend a lot of time in.


The shallowest part of the pool is 0,8 meter, and the deepest part is 1,6 meter.

Strekperson som skal stupe til venstre

Diving pool

We have a dedicated pool for diving from the diving-tower.

"This is the smartest move you did when building Vossabadet", says everyone with experience combining diving- and competition swimming pools. The diving tower and the springboards will never be closed at Vossabadet! The 1m and 3m diving boards are springboards.

To ensure safety and a good flow, we recommend following the instructions for swimming directions after diving. For the 1m, swim to the left. For the 3m swim straight forward and the 5m, swim to the right before exiting the pool.


The diving pool will have a temperature of 28 degrees celsius.


The diving pool is 3,85 meters deep.

strekperson i sklie


Our slide is suitable for both older kids and adult children. Let the competitive spirit out!

Age limit and rules

There is a 7-year age limit to use the slide alone. Children over 4 years of age can use it together with a grown-up. Other than that, it is prohibited to use the slide more than one at a time.


Invite your friends, family, or a colleague to a speed-competition in the slide. With our timer-system, it is simple to decide who is fastest! What is your record!?



The sauna in Vossabadet is available to all guests. The temperature will always be around 80 degrees celsius. Enjoy the heat while having a prime-view of the acrobatics from the diving tower. Swimmingwear is required!


Use of the sauna is at your own risk. Small children are not advised to use the sauna. Pregnant women and people with heart disease are advised to use common sense in the sauna. Don't sit for too long and think about drinking water!

Sauna rules

Everyone must shower before and after using the sauna. For hygienic reasons, we encourage you to sit on your towel. You will find a shower on the wall outside the sauna.

It is not allowed to use oil in the sauna due to the risk of allergic reactions.



Every weekend and vacation our Wibit will be available for our guests. The Wibit is a fun inflatable obstacle course, and you will find it in the recreational part of the 25m swimming pool - it is hard to miss! It is suitable for all ages. The Wibit will provide laugher, fun, and more physical activity in the water.

Age limit and rules

There is no age limit to use the Wibit alone, but children should be supervised and use armrings if they are not capable swimmers. Show consideration to other guests.