Training pool

With it’s comfortable 33°C , it is not strange that our training pool is the most popular pool in our swimming hall. It is often used by schools, kindergarden and for swim trainings. In addition it is a good swimming pool for seniors and the youngest.

This pool has its own elevator for people in wheelchairs.


The pool is constantly at 33 degrees. For children, the disabled and seniors this pool works very well to spend a lot of time in.


The shallowest part of the pool is 0,8 meter, and the deepest part is 1,6 meter.

25-meter pool

We are proud to have our very own 25-meter pool with competition standard here in Voss. The pool is 28 degrees and can be divided into 6 lanes. The pool depth goes from 1 meter to 1,6 meter.

This pool has a mobil personlift for guest in need of assistance.


At Vossabadet there will always be the opportunity to come and swim during our opening hours. There will always be two lanes available for guests, even when there are other activities on the calender.

Note! Not all swimmers are as fast. Fast swimmers and recreational swimmers will therefor have there own lane. To create a good flow in the lanes we ask you to respect the designated lanes. Hurtigsymjing means fast swimmers, mosjon means recreational swimmers.

In the lanes we use right hand driving – stay on the right side, so to avoid collisions!


The temperature in the 25-meter pool is 28 degrees.

Diving pool

We have our own pool dedicated to diving and jumping.

Our own diving pool

“That was probably the smartest thing they have done”, says everyone with exprience combining diving and 25-meter pools. The diving boards will never be closed in Vossabadet. The pool is 28 degrees warm and 3,85 meters deep. We have diving boards at 1 and 3 meter, at 5 meter we have a diving platform.

To get a good flow in the diving pool we advise to swim either straight forward or backwards after you have jumped.

Age limit

Everyone can use the diving tower if they feel they are able to. It is okay to jump from the 1 and 3 meter diving boards with arm floats but everyone jumping from the 5 meter need to be able to swim without any floating devices.

Diving boards

  • 1 meter
  • 3 meter
  • 5 meter


Our slide fits perfectly for both big children and even bigger children. Let your competitive spirit out!

Age limit

There is a 7 year old age limit to be able to take the slide alone, children over 4 years are allowed when accompanied by an adult. Other than that, it is not allowed with more than one person at a time.


Invite your friends, family or your collegeas for a competition in the slide. With our timer it is easy to see whom is the fastest. What is your record?


The sauna in Vossabadet is avialable for all our swimming guests. Here the temprature is always 80 degrees. Enjoy the heat while following all the acrobaticts in the diving pool. Swimwear is mandatory.


Use of the sauna is at your own risk. Small children are discouraged from using the sauna. Pregnant women and people with heart diseases are recommended to use common sense while in the sauna. Do not spend to much time in there and remember to drink water!


Everyone needs to shower before and after use of the sauna. For hygienic purposes we encourage you to sit on your towel. You will find a shower right beside the sauna.


Every weekend and in the holidays we take out one of our coolest things, Wibit! This is a obstacle course that floats in the 25-meter pool, suitable for both big and small. The Wibit creates laughter, joy and even more physical activities in the water.

Age limit

There is no age limit to be alone on the Wibit, but children that are not yet able to swim need to have armbands on.