svømmende strekperson


Safety and well-being

We wish that you as a customer feel safe and have a good time. To accomplish this every guest in Vossabadet must follow some common rules. All bathing is at your own risk. Inform a lifeguard if you see a person in need of assistance.

Children & non-swimmers

If you have a wet card, you can swim alone at your own risk

If you are 12 years old and able to swim, you can bathe alone

Children under 12 years must be accompanied by a swimming-capable adult and be under supervision in the water at all times

Max 3 children or non-swimmers per adult

The main and diving pool are only for those able to swim

Before going to the pools

Shower naked before entering the pool

Bathe in clean swimwear

Children wearing diapers must use bath-nappies

Do not run in the showering area


Food and drinks should only be enjoyed at the kiosk area

Smoking, snus and gum is prohibited

It is forbidden to take pictures in the shower and wardrobe area

By the pool

Listen to the lifeguards, instructors and hosts

No running in the pool area

No diving or jumping from the long sides

No large water toys in the pool

1 person at the time in the slide

The ticket is valid for a single entry. One cannot exit and then reenter the swimming area

1 person at the time and check if the coast is clear

Snorkels must only be used for swimming lessons

Food and drinks are not allowed by the pool

Cameras and phones are not allowed inside the hall