Here we have compiled questions and answers about the facility

Frequently asked questions

In the reception we have a kiosk with both warm and cold food, drinks, snacks, fruit and other kiosk articles. Customers that buy food in the kiosk will have priority in our cafe area. It is none the less allowed to bring your own lunch and eat this in the cafe area and tribune. It is forbidden to eat food in the warderobe and pool area.

If you have forgotten some swimming gear or something else you can contact us through mail (resepsjon@vossabadet.no) or by phone (+47 922 19 299). You can also ask our staff when you visit Vossabadet again.

We will store and take care of forgotten items for at least 4 weeks. Items we do not store could be dirty underwear, dirty towels, and some hygiene articles.

Vossabadet cares for the environment and encourages everyone to avoid overconsumption/overproduction of plastic etc. which is harmful to our nature🌲
Help us avoid unnecessary consumption/littering.

Items that are not picked up or claimed at Vossabadet will, as far as possible, be donated to charitable causes, to someone who needs it, or to, for example, Fretex, the Red Cross, and the Volunteer Center.

Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of forgotten items at Vossabadet every week...

There is a public parking ground outside of Vossabadet where you need a parking ticket during the weekdays from 09-16.

Our rules state that you must be 12 years of age to bathe alone in Vossabadet. We have nevertheless arranged for those who are younger so that they can have the opportunity to bathe alone if they pass a test. It is possible to take the test the year the child turns 10. The test can be taken during our opening hours under the supervision of a pool host (subject to availability). Those who pass are given a "wet card". This must be shown every time they come to swim without adults.

To pass the test, one must jump into the deep part of the 25m pool, swim 50 meters continuously, duck and retrieve a ring at the deep-end part of the pool, and get up on the edge of the pool without assistance.

Parents must sign a form giving the child permission to take the wet card test.

It costs NOK 50 to take the test.

Children must not go to the opposite gender's changing room from the age of 7.

No, it is not mandatory to wear a swimming cap in Vossabadet. We still recommend the use of a swimming cap for those who actively swim in the 25-metre pool.

We have a general photography ban in Vossabadet, out of consideration for privacy and the safety of those who are lightly dressed in Vossabadet. Cameras and mobile phones are not allowed past the changing room (in any wet area). There is signage showing the cameraban throughout Vossabadet.

If you wish to take a picture in the arena, ask a pool host. With supervision from the pool host, we can in some cases allow a photo to be taken if the person in the photo thinks it is okay.

Everyone must be out of the pool 30 minutes before Vossabadet closes its doors. The pool attendant will notify all guests in the pool when they have to get up so that there is an opportunity to shower and change in good time.

It is important to be completely clean before entering the pool. Because of this, we ask every guest to shower naked and wash properly. We want to use as little chlorine as possible in our water. If the pool is full of bacteria, we will need a lot of chlorine to get rid of them. This means larger amounts of chlorine, a stronger chlorine smell, and potentially greater consequences for skin and health. In the worst case, I have to close the pool.

Yes. You can buy a gift card in the reception at Vossabadet at a value of your choosing.

If you have a doctor's certificate that says you cannot stay in water, we will extend the duration of the annual card by the corresponding time that the doctor's certificate confirms. No other reasons are valid.

No. We do not refund purchased tickets.